Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 11 ~ Special Guest Star Liz and Bubbles

This week is a special week as we have our very first guest star here with us.

Welcome Liz........ before we reveal the word prompt set by Liz, she also have a little tips to share with us!

I use a Nikon D40 on automatic, because manual doesn't work on my poor old thing, grrrrr. So I am no good with fstops and all that stuff. One thing, which I am sure everybody knows about anyway - don't shoot pics outdoors in the middle of a sunny day, the light is too harsh and washes out the colours. Early morning or late afternoon when the light is soft and gentle is much better for landscape photography or anything outdoors. 

I photograph a lot of things for my etsy shop and found out that even photographing in the shade outside is not very good on a bright day, because all the whites turn very blue and that is very difficult to edit. I try and photograph my items just indoors, by an open door or window out of the bright light or inside one of those little white cubes you can get so cheaply on the internet. Our cottage is very dark because of the small windows, so it is difficult for me, but most of you will have wonderfully light rooms to photograph in, lol, so its not an issue really.

I use picmonkey to edit photos. It is a doddle to use. Features I like best are Rotate for straightening out those wonky horizons and drunk vases, Crop, to get rid of all the stuff you didn't notice when you were taking the pic, like the dog hairs in the corner of the pic, or way too much background making the main feature of your pic totally insignificant. I also use Brightness and Sharpen, but thats it, I don't bother with any of the fancy stuff. But then my pics are mostly for the shop or of crafty things for the blog. If you want to do arty pics, there are a not of really neat features on picmonkey.

Thank you Liz!!!!!
Be sure to hop over to Lululiz in Lalaland and check out her wonderful posts as well as the neat etsy shop.
And here's the word prompt chosen by Liz!


Liz (France)

Kirsty (Las Vegas, USA)

Ros (United Kingdom)

Shahrul (Malaysia)

Milagros (Puerto Rico)

Bonita (Florida, USA)

Thanks to all who joined us last week, and I really really love that sunflower photo from Laydee, what do think?

Isn't that gorgeous? Hop over to Laydee's blog to say hello!
Thanks once again Laydee, for sharing the beauty around you with us! : )

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Anonymous said...

Oh,thank you for the lovely mention today!
I'm very glad you liked the happy Sunflower faces-they always make me smile :)
This is such a great idea and a lovely challenge,it is so nice that you don't have to be a professional photographer to take part,i am happily snapping away with my little point and click tee hee!
Have a lovely day,
Best wishes,Nessa xx

Desi said...

I just discovered you and I already love this blog!
I found you thanks to Kirsty because I'm one of her followers, I'll try to participate in your challenges, I love photographs and I like the fact that you suggest a word to play here!!
Greetings from Italy and see you very soon!

Teresa Zuehls said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the bubble photos. Humm, I will have to think about this prompt for a while. Don't know if I will have a photo to share but I know I sure will enjoy seeing what everyone else posts for this prompt.

dawn said...

Congrats Laydee on your sunflower photo!! So glad you joined in last week.

Hello Beautiful Ladies, is it really another week already. Where do the days go, flying by while we blink I guess. SIGH.
I'm excited about this week's prompt, Hello and thank you Liz! My week will be busy documenting our family for a whole week, I LOVE DOING THIS!! I might try to link up but if not next week will be easier.

Thanks soooo much for all the wonderful visits/comments to my September post this week. Can you believe there is another funky sunflower out there now, how awesome is the wonder of nature. I love seeing these grow and my baby pumpkins are doing well too.
We are having hot temps this week so it won't feel much like fall but I will pretend anyhow.

Take care, HUGS!!

Deb Hickman said...

Wow, all of the bubble photo's are gorgeous. Great prompt. x

Desi said...

I posted my photo a very few hours ago, it represents my oldest daughter (3 y.o.) playing with soap bubbles, it reminds me her freedom of childhood (which she'll unfortunately lose very soon, as tomorrow morning she'll start the preschool for her very first time) and I can see all her beauty in it!
Thanks for giving me the chance to get these nice feelings!

libbyquilter said...

a fun prompt idea and it's generating some fabulous photo's. so interesting to see how each participant interprets 'bubbles'.

thanks to all of you for hosting Our Beautiful World. i've enjoyed being a small part of it.


Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Wonderful to see so many new faces here, I was gone for most of the week and come back here for some lovely surprises, welcome new links and hello again our "old" friends! I will hop around now!

Lululiz said...

I am delighted to see all these gorgeous interpretations of my Bubbles prompt. Great bunch of photos! Thank you so much.

dawn said...

Hello, I am sorry to see the week end already and didn't get to check out any blogs here.

I can tell from everyone's images here and from the DT that they are AWESOME and FUN!! Such a great prompt this week, thanks Liz.

Can't wait to see what next week's prompt will be. Will try to link up.

My week was a busy one filled with me taking LOTS of pictures and posting them everyday. Just doing that made me not want to be on the computer more then I had too.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Take care!