Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 13 ~ Fall

Today is first day of FALL, do you have fall colors where you at? Have you decorate your home with pumpkins and dig out all those sweaters yet? Come share with us what FALL is like this time of the year.


Kirsty (Las Vegas, USA)

Ros (United Kingdom)

Shahrul (Malaysia)

Milagros (Puerto Rico)

Bonita (Floria, USA)

Oh my, look at all those YELLOW we had last week, I am really thankful for the beautiful world we live in, and so grateful that I have YOU, friends around the world to share those beauties with us. Here's one awesome photo Mandy shared with us....

Thank you Mandy, and thank you all for joining in the party! 
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We encourage you to hop around and read about the story behind each photo, make friends or you can mingle here at the comment section, this is what Our Beautiful World is all about!


Nancy said...

Autumn is such a colorful time of year -- thanks so much for hosting today.

Barbara said...

Beautiful shots, ladies - and a great prompt!

Sardeaux said...

I found this blog from A Rural Journal. You have beautiful pictures in this blog.
Great week to you all :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fabby theme this week! Now I have an excuse for a lovely walk down to the woods to get some piccies!
Autumn is sooo pretty :)
Have a lovely day,
Nessa xx

Denise Price said...

Thanks for sharing all this autumn beauty! I'm glad I got the chance to submit a photo this week.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Hello old friends and Welcome new people, we are so glad that you are her to share some FALL beauties with us!

dawn said...

Hello beautiful ladies!! WOW, lots of readers this week. Love the images shared here already by the readers and hostess here.

I love fall and all that it includes. Most of what I could share was in my September post a few weeks ago.

My plans were to take the week off from any blog link ups this week. Taking the time away from the computer and enjoying this beautiful weather and getting some projects done.

I do have a cute post up and a beautiful picture of the sunrise if you'd like to look at it.

So happy to see all these link ups, word is spreading fast about this OBW place, so awesome!!

Hope all is well with everyone and happy FALL!! HUGS!

mandysea said...

oooh, thanks so much for picking my photo of the little beetle! Its a lovely surprise to see it here...
The photos already here are amazing! Off to have a little look at them!
I'll need to get creative as 'fall' isn't what we are experiencing here in Australia at the moment, and I really want my photos for here current ones....
I'm sure I'll think of something! (big smile)!