Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week 52 ~ Mails

Word prompt today by Kirsty is......


Kirsty (United States)

Ros (United Kingdom)

Milagros (Puerto Rico)

Manuela (Germany)

Robyn (Australia)

Thanks for sending in all those beautiful photos last week, Robyn loves this one .....

from Julie!!! We can't agree with her more, thanks Julie, for sending this awesome shot!

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When you link up your project, don't forget to tell us which part of the world were those photos taken from, you know sometimes it is hard to tell from the picture. Type in your name using the linking system, simply put your country (or city) in bracket after your name, e.g. Alice Watson (Canada).

We encourage you to hop around and read about the story behind each photo, make friends or you can mingle here at the comment section, this is what Our Beautiful World is all about!


Lesley G said...

Another great prompt!

Jutta.K said...

Ein aktuelles Thema und mein Foto ist fast schon ein Relikt aus der Vergangenheit.
Eine schöne neue Woche wünscht

Mascha said...

A lovely theme, but where the other participiants?
Thanks for hosting and for the tough-food every week :-)