Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 17 ~ Special Guest Star Linda and Love

Hello all, I could not be more excited this week. Know why? My sweetest friend Linda is our guest here! Like most crafty friends out there, I met Linda online. I was looking for a DT for City Crafter Challenge Blog while living in New York City. As you have guessed, soon after we moved to Las Vegas 3 and a half years ago, we met in person! It was a fun meeting and I am so glad to know her. We then meet up regularly, sometimes with our husbands for dinner and sometimes just Linda and I for lunch. Linda and her husband started her new journal few months ago, they have been traveling in their camper and visited some beautiful places in the country, you can check out Linda's blog and follow her journey.
If you know Linda, you should already know that she is a talent, not only she makes pretty cards and fun journal pages, she is also great at photography and editing, well, we are lucky to have Linda with us today don't you think? She picks the word prompt for today as well as sharing with us some useful tips.
Ladies (and gentlemen, if we have any here), please welcome my sweet friend -

Hello, it’s so exciting to be a guest here at OBW.  It’s so wonderful to see all the beautiful photos from all over the world.  I choose the word “LOVE” for this week.  If you’re wondering why I chose this word it’s because I am loving my life right now. 

So if you would like to know one of my favorite tricks on my Camera it would have to be when I learned how to use “exposure compensation”.  Most of you probably already know about this but if you don’t it can help you save a photo when the light is not right. I use it all the time.  Almost all cameras have this capability, including your point and shoot cameras.  The trick is you cannot be in Auto mode.  If you are little bit shy about using the other Modes just put it in “P” mode. It’s the next best thing to the auto mode.  If you want to learn about “exposure compensation” just do a search on your computer and you will find all kinds of tutorials on how to use this feature on your camera. I am pretty sure you will use it as much as I do.

I am looking forward to seeing what photos you all have for the word.......


I've added the link to the DT's personal blog, click on the names and it will take you there to read about the story behind each photo.

Linda (somewhere in United States, in Big Bertha - her camper)

Kirsty (Las Vegas, USA)

Wendy (The Netherlands)

Ros (United Kingdom)

Shahrul (Malaysia)

Milagros (Puerto Rico)

Bonita (Florida, USA)

Thank you to all who joined us last week, wonderful share there.
Shahrul especially love the shot of dripping snow linked up by Mandy!

brrrr....... it does look chilly!

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We encourage you to hop around and read about the story behind each photo, make friends or you can mingle here at the comment section, this is what Our Beautiful World is all about!


Lisa Gordon said...

Great choice for a prompt, and such wonderful images to go with it!

Nancy said...

Always a great prompt -- beautiful captures!

mandysea said...

ooooh what a lovely surprise!
And what a great prompt and the photos of the dt are fabulous!!

Having fun with this one!

Geschiedenis said...

Gorgeous! Lots of love from Belgium

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for having me as a guest. You guys are the Best..


Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Thanks for being our guest Linda, and to all, have fun this week! So happy to see you all here!

Leovi said...

A beautiful composition! Wonderful B & W Ros!

Audrey Pettit said...

Such lovely photos! I'm so excited to see Linda guesting!

dawn said...

I'm loving the prompt for this week. So nice to share things we LOVE!! I'm linked up this week, doing something out of the box or should I say in the box, lol!!

The images here look amazing, can't wait to blog hop. I agree with Bonita's, this is what I LOVE too my friend!!

Was inspired by Mandy by the sea this week as well. Thanks Mandy!
Happy weekend ladies!