New Reader?

First of all a warm welcome to Our Beautiful World! We are Kirsty, Ros, Mandysea, and Riitta, Blog buddies from different parts of the world.

The blog is an initiative by Kirsty. We want to build a friendly community where you can share the beauty of the world as seen through your lens.

On Our Beautiful World you'll find photo inspiration, tips for blogging and photo editing, and weekly photo linky parties with a theme. We'd love it if you join the parties and share your tips and tricks with us!

Since this is not a challenge blog, what we'd really want is that we all share photos with each other from daily life to seasonal events around the globe and share this through linky parties. It's not about who-does-best. It's all about inspiring each other, learning from each other, and sharing the beauty around us.

Take a photo according to the prompt each week (regular photography, photoshopped photos, instagram, lomography, etc all welcome!), come back to this blog and link up with the linking system. Then hop around to see what others have to offer in their part of the world. It's interesting to see what life is about in different corners of the world, so we can't wait to see your photos!

Please post only a link to your entry, not to your entire blog.

When you link up your project, don't forget to tell us in which part of the world were those photos taken. You know sometimes it's hard to tell from the picture. When you type in your name using the linking system, simply put your country (or city) in bracket after your name, e.g. Alice Watson (Canada).

Weekly prompts will be posted each Sunday. If you have questions, feel free to ask!

Now, we don't have rules here, but there are some things we would like to ask of you.

First of all you're not obliged to visit all the blogs of the people who joined the party of course, but we do ask you to visit at least three others and leave them some blog love. That's why linky parties are so much fun and what they're generally are all about, aren't they?

Second, please link up only with photos that are according to the prompt / theme of that week. If your link has absolutely nothing to do with it, then we might have to delete your link from our party, which we won't like to do at all. AND please.... do not promote your own link parties or giveaway here, this is not a place for that kind of stuff!

Third, please grab our OBW button found at the top of the side bar, give notice in your blogpost of our linky party and give your readers a link to our blog so they can share in the fun as well. If you can't even mention OBW on your blog post (please don't ask us to click on a link you have and lead us to hundreds of challenge blogs you play along from Monday to Sunday), we might have to take you off the party.

We would also love it if you share the story behind your photo(s). Do feel free to share multiple photos in your blog post, but please link up the one photo that you think most appropriate for our word prompt.

And last, it is not necessary but would be totally cool if you are able to share some information from time to time about what camera and lens you use, settings or photoshop information etc.

Have fun!!

Love, us