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Hello there, welcome to Our Beautiful World!

Meet the team!

Kirsty (United States)

Ros (United Kingdom)

Mandysea (Australia)

Ariadne (Greece)

Riitta (Finland)

We are Kirsty, Ros,  Mandysea, Ariadne and Riitta.  Blog buddies from different parts of the world. We are a happy bunch of crafters with a love for photography and the beauty around us. Here we're sharing photos from our daily life and seasonal events around the world. We'd love for you to join in and share your photos and tips too!

On Our Beautiful World you'll find weekly linky partties for you to share your beautiful photos and world. You'll also find lots of photography inspiration, and posts on blogging tips and photo (editing) DIY. We love to share with you tips and tricks to make your own blogging and photography experience even more beautiful and inspiring as it is now.

Let's get to know the bunch a little better:

Kirsty: Currently a resident in Las Vegas, Nevada. A New Yorker for 8 years before the cross country move to Vegas. Born and raised in Sunny Singapore, next destination? Japan?? Or may be Paris!! Who knows!!
Ros: England... I'm a born and bred Liverpudlian whose parents and siblings are Londoners and whose Grandparents are French and Swiss.
Mandysea: Tasmania, an island state of Australia where we live near the sea and also own a farm. Heritage is English and have dual citizenship. I've lived in many of places in Australia growing up with my father being in the Air Force and have been lucky enough to travel to many places in the world with my dear husband and daughters.
Ariadne: I am a Greek. I was born in Istanbul Turkey and moved to Greece at an early age. I have been living in Thessaloniki, Greece almost all my life!
Riitta: I am a Carelian girl who was born and raised in Imatra near the Russian border. After my student exam I moved to Helsinki and lived there in the center for many many years. At the moment I live approximately a half and hour drive from the center of Helsinki. The reason I moved here is my garden!

Kirsty: Paper crafting, traveling, photography.
Ros: Mostly paper crafts, altered art and home decor with a little bit of my life and loves thrown in.
Mandysea: Its eclectic - scrapbooking layouts, Project Life, art journaling, altered vintage books, December Daily, handmade jewellery, drawing/sketching, sewing, family events, travel and photography. You just never know what you'll find there.
Ariadne: I love blogging about my everyday life which consists of teaching, handicrafts, acting, photography, reading, museum visiting and traveling. You will find a bit of everything in my blog.
Riitta: I am truly a garden enthusiast, so my main topic is garden during the summer. through the year and especially during the winter I read a lot. One of my hobbies is Spanish and I try to travel to Spain once a year.

Dorset coast, England

Kirsty: I used to love layers, vintage and shabby chic, but finding myself doing more CAS lately, guess I just can't stick with one thing! I like challenges and trying new thing, my new toy now is the copic makers!
Ros: I like to try everything from CAS card making to vintage, shabby chic and mixed media... I love altering things... digital files and paper are my loves.
Manysea: Wow, where to start? I love my inks and sprays, paints and gesso, I was Shabby Chic since I can remember, but its evolving so I'm not sure what I am ...... probably more arty - love my paint brushes, and watercolour pencils, charcoal, chalks, gelatos and pan pastels. I'm open to anything!
Ariadne: I love all kinds of different things so I can't say I have a specific style but I can say that I mainly love working with beads, threads, felt and paper.
Riitta: At the moment I don't do any crafting. Years I was enthusiastic about crazy quilting, knitting and crocheting, I also used to love painting with oil colors, but sadly don't have time for these hobbies now.

Kirsty: If I have spare time, I would SLEEP!!!!
Ros: What spare time? I create whenever I can, I love to blog... I love spending time with family and friends, I studied philosophy for years and I'm always learning... I also hold a craft class for a group of mentally and physically challenged adults on a regular basis... so lots of my time is spent preparing projects and scouring the internet for ideas!
Mandysea: Apart from scrapping, my garden, spending time with my girls, and my girlfriends. I love reading autobiographies and biographies, learning about people, their lives and places. AND travel!
Ariadne: I love trying new handicrafts all the time. I especially like cross stitch and reading when I want to relax. Sea glassing is my favourite past time in the summer!
Riitta: Reading, reading and reading! I like to watch movies too. Study Spanish, watching ATP tennis. Learning to photograph, renovating our old house.

Bordeaux, France

Kirsty: Fall, Spring, Winter in that order (I am talking about Las Vegas).
Ros: Probably Spring... Each season has it's own beauty but I love to see nature awaken.
Mandysea: SUMMER! We are the coldest state in Australia being closer to Antarctica! Our Summer's are short so we make the most of them with BBQ's, beach, holidays and of course Christmas. Christmas is part of our summer too. It's definitely my most favourite time of the year.
Ariadne: Well, summer! Teachers love summer! And I love the sea so much!
Riitta: Definitely the Spring! The summer comes second, I hate the dark, cold and snowy Finnish winters!

Kirsty: Handmade Little Things
Ros: Mikey's Mom
Mandysea: A teacup of Scrapisms
Ariadne: Ariadne from Greece
Riitta: Floral Passions

Enjoy your time at Our Beautiful World, thanks for hanging out with us!

Kirsty, Ros,  Mandysea, Ariadne and Riitta