Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 31 ~ Fresh

Hello and welcome to Our Beautiful World, come share with us your lovely photographs! Today's word is .......


Kirsty (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Wendy (The Netherlands)

Bonita (Florida, USA)

We love to have more people join in the fun, please feel free to grab our button (on top of the side bar), and use it on your blog post and have a link back to our blog when you mentioned Our Beautiful World on your post, thanks so much!

When you link up your project, don't forget to tell us which part of the world were those photos taken from, you know sometimes it is hard to tell from the picture. Type in your name using the linking system, simply put your country (or city) in bracket after your name, e.g. Alice Watson (Canada).

We encourage you to hop around and read about the story behind each photo, make friends or you can mingle here at the comment section, this is what Our Beautiful World is all about!


Lola said...

Have a great Our Beautiful World, here’s mine - beautiful Regent's Park, London!

Lululiz said...

I see that idiot leovi is flooding the blog with totally inappropriate photos again. What a prat.

Mascha said...

Oh you speak to me from the soul, Lululiz!
I have often been asked if I'm too stupid to find in these (of course beautiful) images a reference to the topic (not only in this meme)

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Beautiful the blueberries!

Happy Sunday!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Hey Girls, I usually delete it when I see it, this weekend I was away and only got home a while ago, they are gone now, I wonder if I could block "that" from linking with us, it is annoying!

Mascha said...

Thanks for the effort, it was not meant as a reproach. Only in all memes, where I ever involved myself... I find these same pictures. And I was glad that it has Lululiz addressed once and I'm just annoyed not alone -
Have a nice new week :-)

Lululiz said...

Kirsty, I didn't mean to have a dig at you, honestly, I was trying to get the message across to the person who keeps posting these photos. Thank you for deleting them, I don't like seeing this beautiful blog abused by self promoting prats. Hugs to you xx

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Not at all girls, I agreed with all of you, it is annoying that some doesn't play by the rule, I will continue to delete until "he/she" give up. We want this place to be a beautiful and happy place for all.

libbyquilter said...

am happy to be playing along again this week.

thank you to all of our hosts for making this a 'beautiful' place to play.


Vikki said...

Hi All...I'm a newbie to the site, hope to make it back as often as possible. I honestly love all the photo's..thanks for letting me join in.